Our Covid-19 safety measures

We’re delighted to announce that as a homewares retailer, we are able to reopen our stores on Monday 15th June. Please be assured that we’ve put safety first and that full risk assessments at each store have allowed us to make your shopping experience as safe as possible by implementing a number of new measures that closely follow the government’s COVID-19 Secure guidelines.

Safety Measures

Below is a brief overview of some of the in-store measures and practices that we will be undertaking throughout your visit to Richard F Mackay and Scott & Grey. We really have considered the safety of both our customers and staff and we are confident that we’ve made the store as safe as possible. We’ve put safety first and hope this will allow you to enjoy your visit to our store.


Social Distancing

We’re asking everyone to keep at least 2 metres apart from other customers and staff. We’ve lots of space in-store and we’ve installed signage to ensure that everyone is regularly reminded to keep a safe distance.


Customer Numbers

Although our stores are large and spacious, we will be closely monitoring customer numbers to ensure that everyone in-store has plenty of room. You may be asked to queue during busy periods if necessary.


Hand Sanitiser

On entering our stores you will be asked to use the provided hand sanitiser. In addition, we have multiple sanitising stations that are located throughout each store and we encourage you to use them frequently during your visit.


Directional Signage

We are making sure that the flow of customers and staff avoid any bottlenecks or needless close contact. For this reason, we ask that you follow our Covid-19 signage so that social distancing is possible in all areas of the store.


No Physical Contact

Our sales advisors are here to help but will always keep a safe distance. We know that to stop the spread of Covid-19 we must work hard to cut out all physical contact with people outside our immediate household.


Extra Cleaning

We’ve increased the frequency of cleaning in all areas, and especially in high contact areas. This will ensure that we minimise the risk to everyone in-store. Sales staff, as well as our cleaning staff, will use anti-viral spray and wipe down surfaces throughout the day.

VIP Virtual and Private Appointments

We’ve also launched a new appointment system that allows you to confirm a VIP personal shopping appointment at a time that suits you. If you would like to request an appointment, simply follow the link below.